Our comprehensive hardware-focused 146-page special is out now in the UK and the US! Featuring guides on how to build a PC, tons of buyer’s advice, Windows 10 and loads more, it’s the perfect place to start if you want to build a new PC—or if you’re just looking to upgrade. You can buy it now in print for $19 (£9.99) and digitally for $8.99, from inside the PC Gamer US app.


  • 10-page illustrated guide to building a PC from scratch.
  • Hardware buyer’s guide for every price range.
  • How to prepare for VR, hands-on with Steam VR, the Oculus Touch controllers, the ten best VR experiences you can have right now and more.
  • Mechanical keyboards guide.
  • Tips to making your PC look the part.
  • Five of the best custom cases, including two inspired by the likes of Skyrim and Iron Man.
  • How to overclock your CPU and GPU.
  • Huge guide to setting up Windows 10 to get Microsoft’s new OS at its best.
  • Impressions of Intel’s new Skylake processors.
  • Reviews of GPUs, CPUs, motherboards, streaming devices, wired and wireless mice, headsets, SSDs, hi-res monitors and headsets.



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