VIDEO: Liberated trailer, also available on YouTube

Liberated, announced earlier today at the PC Gaming Show, is a tech-noir action game set inside an interactive comic book that looks really cool—so cool that we\’re going to take a look at it again, courtesy of a new trailer that appeared during the Future Games Show.

The game\’s use of comic panels and BANG! POW! onomatopoeia sound effects reminds me a bit of XIII, but it takes a different approach visually, with a monochromatic color scheme that gives it a more obviously noir edge. I think it\’s going to be a better fit for the story, a near-future cyberpunk adventure that features stealth, puzzles, platforming, and gunfights, all in side-scrolling action across the panels of a \”live\” digital comic book.

Liberated is coming to Steam and other PC storefronts in July.


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