Skate Story puts you in control of a crystalline figure, like a low-poly Silver Surfer, while you skate through serene, eerie hallways towards a beautiful setting sun. You are, literally, skateboarding your way out of the underworld. It\’s an abstract game. I point all this out, because absorbing that abstract flavor and then realizing how much detail Skate Story puts into animating a single foot movement feels like the key to understanding it. 

Strip out any extraneous detail, pull in the camera, and you can relish in the physicality of even a simple kickflip.

Or, as the developer put it with a lot less pretension: \”The idea is to frame the beauty of a setup.\”

The new trailer above from The Guerrilla Collective stream digs deeper into those controls, and they\’re a lot more involved than I expected. When I first saw Skate Story, I thought it was more of an \”endless runner\” focused on the aesthetic and not the skating. But it looks like there\’s a lot more to it than that.

Skate Story is \”coming soon,\” but that\’s all we\’ve got for now.


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