\”Cut the flesh, the mind will fall. Slay the seven, save us all.\”

So opens the trailer for Morbid: The Seven Acolytes, an upcoming action-RPG just announced on the Future Games Show. A top-down game with a dark, gothic look, Morbid has serious vibes reminiscent of the horrors that showed up in cult classic Bloodborne. (Which is maybe coming to PC.)

The as-yet-unnamed protagonist will fight against the darkest horrors of the human psyche in what developer Still Running calls a \”horrorpunk\” world, which seems about right given the inside-out looking critters that inhabit it.  As you move through the world you\’ll gather new weapons and upgrade your attributes while trying to keep your character\’s sanity high. In true Souls or Metroid fashion, it will be open to explore. It\’ll also be seeded with arcane lore and strange steampunk contraptions, all of which will test the mettle of your character\’s mind.

You can watch for more about Morbid: The Seven Acolytes at its official Twitter account or the Twitter of developers Still Running. 


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