Good news, iPhobic fans of digital paper: you can now buy PC Gamer for your Android phone or tablet via the Google Play store. And not just PCG but a host of other mags too, including the likes of Edge , T3 , Total Film and even Crochet Today .

For the moment, this is UK only, but soon our words will sweep into the US, Canadian and Aussie Google Play stores, too.

You get PCG at a steal: at just £2.99 per issue, and a further 50p less if you choose a monthly subscription. Plus, you get a 14-day free trial. Nay bad. Head here to snap up your copy.

In issue 247, on sale now, we…

  • Jumpjet around the alien world of ambitious eSports-flavoured MMO Firefall

  • get in-depth with Aliens: Colonial Marines, Total War: Rome 2, Shootmania Storm, Company of Heroes 2, Star Citizen and more
  • take to the field with the ten military sims currently answering the call of duty
  • guide gamers through Windows 8\’s unfamiliar terrain.
  • drop scores on Hitman: Absolution, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Hotline Miami, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Football Manager 2013 and more
  • test the best CPUs on the market
  • discover Uplink\’s origins and the making of Introversion
  • revisit Wing Commander II
  • and loads more!

Watch out for issue 248 on 20 December!


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