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When World of Warplanes launched in late 2013 it was fast, brash, and promising—if a little thin on features. It has since had a year to mature, steadily growing in breadth and complexity. In the latest PC Gamer Presents magazine special we take an in-depth look at World of Warplanes, offering advice for each of the game\’s many aircraft as well as exploring the dogfighting principles that turn good players into great ones.

We\’ve done historical research as well as in-game testing to provide context for every warplane. In the expanded features section you\’ll also find an in-depth hands-on with the forthcoming World of Warships, as well as a look at how World of Tanks\’ new features have added depth and complexity to its competitive scene.

That\’s not all! You\’ll also find an invite code (redeemable on new accounts until 1st December 2014) for seven days of Premium account access, 300 gold and a Mitsubishi Ki-33 warplane. The issue is available now through all good magazine outlets in the US and UK.

UK residents can also order through My Favourite Magazines.

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